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For over a century, Dresser Natural Gas Solutions (NGS) has been a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered energy infrastructure, oilfield products and related services for critical service applications for the global energy industry. Accuracy, dependability, and low maintenance of our equipment has been proven over time. We also have a solid reputation for providing customers with products and technologies that drive performance, efficiency, growth, and safety.

The Dresser legacy was born in 1880 when Solomon R. Dresser began providing products to the petroleum industry near Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. Well over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise are the bedrock behind the innovation inherent in today's organization. Dresser Natural Gas Solutions leverages this storied history with contemporary technologies which incorporate unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, precision, and most importantly, integrity, across all our product lines.

From Solomon R. Dresser's first coupling patent in 1888 to our latest innovative products, our product line has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Although we have gone through many organizational changes, we are now an independent company dedicated to serving our customers' individualized needs.

Dresser Roots Rotary Lobe

The formula for Solomon Dresser's legacy is simple. Beyond the ever-expanding markets we serve, the key to our success is the 450+ employees of Dresser Natural Gas Solutions sharing new ideas, embracing personal accountability, demonstrating integrity and respect in all aspects of our business and a continued focus on helping our customers perform better.

At Dresser Natural Gas Solutions, our business continues to focus on energy and infrastructure.  We are a global provider recognized for our robust equipment and customer focused approach to mission- critical applications.  Our reputation is built upon a proven history of delivering high quality products and maintaining long-term relationships with leading companies across the world, some of which exceed a century of continued service.


Our Product History

DresserTM Meters & Instruments

Early Dresser Gas Meter

Since the 1920 introduction of the worlds’ first rotary meter for gas measurement, the Dresser ROOTS Meter is still recognized globally as an industry pillar in quality, performance, and reliability. And with the evolution of gas measurement technology over the past century, our product line continues to evolve as well. Along with providing rotary meters ranging in size from 500 to 102,000 acfh (17,6 to 27338,1 m3/h), the Dresser product family expanded to include a full line of electronic instruments ranging from simple solid state volume pulse output devices to advanced volume correction Instruments, such as the globally recognized Micro Corrector family of products. Also, the Dresser Model 5 prover systems continue to provide the industry leading solution for field and shop measurement of meter accuracy. The focus of Dresser Meters & Instruments is to continue the century old legacy of placing the customer first while providing reliable gas measurement technologies and unsurpassed customer care.


ANDCOTM Actuators

Dresser Andco Logo Image

Introduced in 1974, Andco actuator products have been an industry leader in linear electric actuators for the automation of material handling or flow control equipment for over four decades. Andco actuators are self-contained, electro-mechanical actuators designed for reliable, precise, controlled motion including but not limited, lifting & lowering, pushing & pulling and opening & closing. Whether used in the operation of a slide gate for product blending, moving industrial doors or providing accurate positioning of satellite antennas, customers have relied on Andco actuator solutions. Available in a wide variety of stroke lengths from 6-inches to 60-inches with speeds from .2 IPS to 12.0 IPS. With ease of installation and low maintenance costs, Andco actuator technology offers durability and performance for a full range of functions.


RCSTM Actuators

Dresser RCS Actuators Logo ImageSince 1968, RCS has manufactured a broad selection of quarter-turn and specialized electric actuators for today’s challenging valve automation requirements. A variety of torques, speeds, and hazardous location certifications provide customers with solutions to your most challenging process requirements. RCS’s SurePowr™ product offering of spring-return electric actuators provide a reliable mechanical solution for complex emergency shutoff or shutdown applications with output torques up to 1,800 lb. in.

All RCS actuators are proudly made in the USA.


DresserTM Pipeline SolutionsOriginal Dresser Coupling

In 1880, Solomon R. Dresser established the S.R. Dresser Manufacturing Company in the town of Bradford, Pennsylvania, to produce an oil well packer he had improved upon and patented. For over 130 years, many thousands of products and services bear the Dresser trademark of quality, so for the long-term security of your investment in piping systems, look for products bearing the Dresser trademark.

Today, Dresser Pipeline Solutions maintains modern, precision manufacturing and continuous, exacting quality control – assurance our customers receive the best possible piping products today, and new product technology that will be needed in the future to meet energy market requirements. The Dresser Pipeline Solutions plant in Bradford, Pennsylvania remains a leading supplier of high performance pipeline products supplying a variety of couplings, fittings, valves, repair clamps, integrity repair sleeves, and service connectors for water and wastewater, natural gas transmission and distribution systems, and general pipeline industry applications.


TexsteamTM Pumps

Texsteam Pump

Founded in 1938, TexsteamTM has been a prominent supplier of quality chemical injection pumps to oil and gas industries worldwide.

Texsteam pumps are suitable for injection of a wide variety of different and complex chemicals to improve well production, improve well and pipeline flow, and address corrosive or toxic substances found in natural gas. The Texsteam line of chemical injection pumps features a large selection of positive displacement chemical injection pumps to meet the needs of many applications with sizes and models to meet today’s challenging production environment.


Dresser Skid

Metering & Pressure Reduction Skids

NGS UK is a single operation dedicated to providing the best engineered solution in the design, development and manufacture of gas measurement and control products, distribution, transmission systems and stations. A unique combination of technologies and in-house expertise means NGS UK has all the essential elements to manage multi-discipline projects. All aspects of design, construction and operation of gas measurement and pressure regulation are project managed to reduce the end user engineering and administration costs.

Based in Merseyside, UK and serving customers throughout the UK & Europe, the NGS UK operation can supply a broad range of products including Rotary Displacement Meters, Electronic measurement products, Pressure Regulation equipment, Dresser Piping Products and Control equipment including meter and service regulators, high pressure regulators and complete metering and regulation skids.