Proven by years of service on all kinds of pipe, Dresser couplings provide flexible, leakproof connections that last the life of the pipe. No costly threading, beveling, exact pipe fitting or alignment is required. The resilient Dresser gaskets absorb vibration and pipe movement and permit curves to be laid with straight pipe lengths. Installation is safe and sure. There’s no hazard to workmen or delays due to weather. Dresser couplings are available from 1/2” ID to 24” as standard and larger sizes are available on application.

Dresser couplings are also available in restraining versions with the convenience of an assembled stab product, essentially eliminating the component disassembly while helping to ensure proper installation. The combination of components on the compression end(s) of the Dresser product design results in a “pressure seal” while the metallic gripping mechanism locks the pipe against pull-out providing a complete seal and restraining connection.