Series D800/D1000 Meter

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Dresser Series D800 Diaphragm Replacement Meters*
Dresser Series D1000 Diaphragm Replacement Meters*

Legacy of superior long-term rotary meter performance in a compact oil-free design.

Dresser Natural Gas Solutions incorporates field-proven rotary meter technology in a compact, full-feature housing for commercial applications. The Dresser D800 and D1000 meters offer improved natural gas measurement accuracy and lower cost of ownership over commercial diaphragm meters.

Superior Meter Accuracy

Building upon the sustained long term accuracy of Dresser metering products, the Dresser D800 and D1000 meters set a new standard in rotary meter performance. With an exceptional average start rate of only 0.30 ACFH (stop rate of 0.15 ACFH) and a rapid ramp up to +/- 1% accuracy at only 8 ACFH, the D800 and D1000 provide a sustained, nonadjustable measurement accuracy from pilot loads up to 1700 ACFH.

* Common replacement for meters such as the AL-800 (AL800), AL-1000 (AL1000), AC-800, Sonix 880 and Sonix IQ Ultrasonic Gas Meter.