Series 4300 Texsteam Pump

Dresser Series 4300 Texsteam Pump

Dresser Texsteam Series 4300 Chemical Injection Pumps

Dresser Natural Gas Solutions Texsteam Series 4300 chemical injection pump is designed to deliver precise delivery of treatment chemicals for oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, process plants and other applications where a rugged, easy to maintain proportioning pump is required. The electrically driven positive displacement design incorporates an integral worm gear drive with three available ratios and six (6) different plunger sizes to provide a wide selection of volumes and pressures. An optional 10:1 ratio externally mounted gear reducer is available for feed rates as low as half a pint per day.


  • Flow rates from .063 GPD to 325 GPD per head.
  • Discharge pressures from 150 psig to 5000 psig.
  • Motors are available in single or three-phase voltages and in TENV or explosion-proof enclosures.
  • 10:1 ratio gear reducer option is capable of providing flow rates from 1/2 pint per day to 1.25 GPD.
  • The integral gear drive and crosshead mechanism are housed in a durable cast iron housing with a sight gauge to monitor lubrication level.
  • The output gear is made from a high-strength alloy iron, and is bearing supported for maximum rigidity and reliable performance. 
  • A gasketed gear box cover provides a positive barrier against moisture, dirt, or other contaminants entering the gear box assembly.
  • The liquid end sizes are interchangeable and can be adjusted while the pump is in operation.
  • A selection of packing materials to address a wide variety of chemical applications.
  • Options such as stainless steel tanks, tank gauges, and line check valves for specific customer requirements