RCS Actuator MAR 1600, 4000

Dresser RCS Actuator MAR 1600, 4000
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    RCS Actuators
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    RCS Mechanical Accessories

Dresser RCS Actuator MAR 1600
Dresser RCS Actuator MAR 4000

Duty Cycle

The percentage of time the electric motor is energized vs. the time it is at rest, in reversing duty and with the actuator running at it’s rated load maximum published torque.

Standard Modulating Duty Rating

  • 12 motor starts (corrections) per minute
  • At the rated duty cycle for that model
  • With the speed of operation a minimum of 15 seconds for 90° or slower
  • With positioning accuracy of (+/-) 1% of total span

Isolation Relays

To operate multiple actuators in parallel from a single signal requires isolating relays in the field wiring. Consult factory.