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Penstock Coupling
Dresser Penstock Couplings Spec Sheet PDF
Style 31 Line Cap
Dresser Style 31 Line Caps Spec Sheet PDF
Style 38 ABS Coupling
Dresser Style 38 ABS (Marine) Couplings Spec Sheet PDF
Style 38 Coupling
Dresser Style 38 Couplings Brochure PDF
Style 39-62 Coupling
Dresser Style 39-62 Couplings Spec Sheet PDF
Style 40 Coupling
Dresser Style 40 Couplings Spec Sheet PDF
Style 700 Restraining Coupling
Dresser Style 700 Restraining Couplings Spec Sheet PDF
Style 711 Restraining Coupling
Dresser Style 711 Restraining Couplings Brochure PDF
Style 90 Restraining Insulated Coupling
Dresser Style 90 Restraining Insulated Couplings Spec Sheet PDF

Pressure Control

Blackhawk Fitting
Dresser Blackhawk Fittings Brochure PDF
Curb Valve
Dresser Curb Valves Brochure PDF
Service Valve
Dresser Service Valves Brochure PDF
Style 480 Valve
Dresser Style 480 Excess Flow Valves Brochure PDF


Gas Products
Dresser Gas Repair Products PDF
Style 360 Clamp
Dresser Style 360 Repair Clamp Data Sheet PDF
Water/Industrial Products
Dresser Water Repair Products PDF